Interview with Lisa Field President of The Labor Guild - Review of Services & Lisa's background

February 6, 2024

Thank you to Lisa Field President of Labor Guild for providing The Union Labor Advisory Network an overview of her background and history in Labor and the Services provided by The Labor Guild.

The Guild Has Provided 50,000+ Students and Working Practitioners With:

  • Relevant, practitioner-led labor education,
  • Professional training, and personal development through our school,
  • Workshops, Forums, and conferences
  • Excellent, neutral conference and meeting spaces
  • Useful engaging peer networking and excellent leadership opportunities
  • Cushing-Gavin Awards, which have honored four exceptional professionals from our regional labor relations community each year since 1967.

The Guild values the collective bargaining process as an essential engine driving wage equality, economic and social justice in a vibrant democracy. Training, supporting, connecting, and celebrating all the active participants in that process is at the heart of our mission and legacy.

To Learn more about the programs and services provided please visit: