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ULA Network Inspiring Interview with Yuri Perez IW Local 197 Stone Derrickmen & Riggers

Feb 15, 2024

If you're looking to get inspired then you're at the right place. Thank you to Yuri for sharing her story and for her words of encouragement.  

We look forward to following Yuri's progress as a role model and advocate for career opportunities within the unionized construction trades. In our interview with Yuri she discussed her background and the jobs she had prior to her career with Local 197.  Through adversity, challenging times, focus and hard work Yuri has been able to establish a career that she can be proud of, and unquestionably is a mentor to others who may be considering a career in the skilled construction trades.  

What I would tell other women who have an interest in my field:I would tell them to go for it. To bet on themselves and give it their all. If they are already thinking about coming into the trades that's the biggest step now all you have to do is hone in on that decision. If you want to get something you’ve never had, be prepared to do things you’ve never done. There will be days you are going to want to give up or even cry but you cannot lose focus of the bigger picture.

This is a career that can give you great pay, great benefits like healthcare and a pension. My friend Pam and I have a phrase that we would always say to each other. “Go out there and prove them wrong, do it twice and take pictures”

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