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Conversation with Teamsters Local 294 Stan Koniszewski, Jason Hughes and Tony Sidoti in Albany NY

Apr 25, 2024

Thank you to Stan Koniszewski Business Agent & Political Coordinator, Jason Hughes Organizer & Social Media Coordinator and Training Coordinator Tony Sidoti out of Joint Council 18 in Albany for taking the time to sit with the ULA Network.

Stan, Jason and Tony discussed their dedication and history with the Teamsters, collaboration with other coalitions and labor organizations to support better working conditions, and benefits for not only union members but for the industry as a whole.

We discussed the benefits received within the Training and Education Program with Training Coordinator Tony Sidoti, as well as, the investments in technology and training that has allowed for safer working conditions and professional advancements.

To learn more about IBT Local 294 visit them on their socials @teamsterslocal294  www.teamsterslocal294.org

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