Webinar Featuring Hello Heart: Why Heart Health Matters: A Look at McDonald's Investment in Heart Health February 14th 2024 2:00PM ET

February 14, 2024

Everyone deserves a healthy heart. Learn how McDonald's investment with Hello Heart was good for both their employees and business in our upcoming webinar on February 14.

What we’ll cover:

- Winning strategies McDonald’s used to combat rising costs

- The clinical impact of heart health on other chronic conditions

- Why heart health supports health equity among women and minorities


- Brian M., Director, Global Benefits and Mobility, McDonald's

- Kara Speer, MPH, Director, Midwest Region Leader, Health Equity & Wellbeing, WTW

- Edo Paz, MD, SVP, Medical Affairs, Hello Heart

- Gregg Mauro, Program Director and Senior Fellow, The Conference Board

register here: http://tinyurl.com/2cfubvez

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