Retirement Celebration Honoring John A. Bulgaro President of Teamsters Local 294 & Joint Council 18 - Thursday March 23, 2023

March 23, 2023

John A. Bulgaro

President of Teamsters Local 294 & Joint Council 18

 in Honor if His Retirement


5:00 PM Cocktails 6:00 PM Dinner 6:45 PM Remarks
Crowne Plaza Albany The Desmond Hotel
660 Albany-Shaker Road Albany, New York


The name John Bulgaro has become synonymous with the Teamsters Union, and with its efforts on behalf of working men and women in New York State. John joined the Teamsters 57 years ago in 1966 when he went to work for Motor Leasing, where he would eventually become Shop Steward. John became a Business Agent for Teamsters Local 294 in 1983, its Secretary-Treasurer in 1993 and its President in 1999. John Bulgaro has served in this leadership role for the greater part of the last quarter century, and has succeeded not only as a business leader but also an advocate for new services for his union brothers and sisters, a force for good for those in need in the local community, and a champion of the Union cause Statewide. During Bulgaro’s tenure, Teamsters Local 294 has grown from a $300,000 to over a $5,000,000 organization. During that same period, the membership of Local 294 went from 2,800 to nearly 6,000 individuals. John spearheaded development of our local Drivers Training Program, securing funding for the truck and trailer for a Program that now has over 600 students. It was John who started our local Teamsters Care Program, which provides scholarships, assistance to families in need, aid to the sick, help for victims of fires and other tragedies, and numerous other charitable activities. John has also served tirelessly on the NYS Teamsters Health and Hospital Fund, the Local 294 Health and Hospital Fund, the NYS Teamsters Pension Fund, and the Upstate Bakery and Drivers Industry Pension Fund. In recognition of decades of experience and achievement, John Bulgaro also holds, today, several key positions in New York State labor leadership. He has been elected by his peers to the Presidency of the 15,000-member Joint Council 18, the first and only individual from Albany to serve in this prestigious role; and he currently serves as Vice-President of the NewYork State AFL/CIO.

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