North Brooklyn Angels 4th Annual Neighbors Helping Neighbors Luncheon Honoring Kuba J. Brown of IUOE Local 94, 94A and 94B. June 11, 2024 Ascension Hall 127 Kent St Brooklyn, NY

June 11, 2024

June 11th: 4th Annual Neighbors Helping Neighbors Luncheon

Home June 11th: 4th Annual Neighbors Helping Neighbors Luncheon

Join us on Tuesday, June 11th in honoring two, among many, extraordinary neighbors helping neighbors!

We are thrilled to honor:

  • Kuba J. Brown, Business Manager & Financial Secretary, IUOE Local 94, 94A and 94B
  • Paul Samulski, President, North Brooklyn Chamber

Location: Ascension Hall at 127 Kent Street Brooklyn, NY 11222

You can make a difference! Join in helping your neighbors honor our neighbors of the year!

Support North Brooklyn Angels’ 4th Annual “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” luncheon benefit by selecting a donor opportunity that you feel will make the greatest impact. You can help by purchasing an eJournal ad, a sponsorship package, or by making a tax-deductible contribution.

Each sponsorship level carries our commitment to represent and promote your generous donation. Proceeds will support the Angels’ mission of neighbors helping neighbors.

For more information, download our event brochure.

New! We will be debuting an eJournal PDF that will be uploaded to this webpage and kept here for over a year. Details in our downloadable luncheon brochure.

How to donate towards this event:

Warm thanks to our Luncheon Committee:

Luncheon Chair: Elaine Brodsky, North Brooklyn Chamber • Luncheon Committee: Tony Argento, Broadway Stages • Norm Brodsky, Whiskey Helps • Kendra Chiu, North Brooklyn Angels • Edwin L. Christian, IUOE Local 14 • Francis J. Connolly, Jr., Teamsters 817 • Jillian Loughnane, IUOE Local 94 • Ray Macco, IUOE Local 94 • Charles E. Meere III, IATSE Local 52 • Fr. John Merz*, North Brooklyn Angels • Robin Ottaway, Brooklyn Brewery • Vincent F. Pitta, Pitta LLP • Howard Rothschild, Realty Advisory Board • Neil Sheehan*, North Brooklyn Angels • Kevin Thompson*, ExxonMobil

* Member of North Brooklyn Angels Board of Directors

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