Sword Health Nearly Tripled Revenue and Delivered 1.5 Million AI Care Sessions in 2023, Confirming Its Status as Global Leader of Care Delivery Through Artificial Intelligence at Scale

February 9, 2024

Sword Health Nearly Tripled Revenue and Delivered 1.5 Million AI Care Sessions in 2023, Confirming Its Status as Global Leader of Care Delivery Through Artificial Intelligence at Scale

AI Care, the future of healthcare

New York & San Francisco, January 8, 2024 — At the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco today, Sword Health CEO and founder, Virgilio Bento, announced that the company has delivered 1.5 million AI Care sessions in 2023, bringing its cumulative total to 2.5 million since its launch in 2020, confirming its status as the largest provider of care through artificial intelligence. As the world’s first platform to predict, prevent, and treat pain, the company has pioneered the partnership between clinicians and AI, working side by side, Sword is able to make care delivery infinitely more convenient, accessible, and scalable.

Sword experienced unparalleled growth in 2023. Building on the previous years’ hyper growth, the company launched three new products and nearly tripled its revenue over last year. In 2023, Sword members completed over 15 million minutes of AI therapy, with 64% of members becoming low risk for surgery by the end of their program and saving their clients $129 million in unnecessary healthcare costs.

“Six years ago we invented and patented the world's first AI care solution — the AI Clinician that revolutionized how we treat pain, for which we now hold multiple patents. Since then, we've grown it into a full platform, with seven distinct products, and the largest provider of actual delivery of care by AI,” said Bento. “While many healthcare companies utilize AI for diagnostics and/or back office use cases, Sword is the only company using AI to deliver high-quality care at a global scale.”

Bento added, “We are leading the way in creating an entirely new category, AI Care. This takes the world’s best clinical practices and delivers them to anyone, anywhere in the world through the power of AI to guide and deliver treatments. This means we’re able to help more people, many of whom didn’t have access to care, live a better life. We are on a mission to make high-quality care as accessible as running water.”

Sword’s AI Care model combines what expert clinicians and artificial intelligence each do best, resulting in high-quality care that’s available anywhere, anytime. Human expert clinicians focus on overseeing the patient’s progress and providing the human touch, while the AI Clinician is ready 24/7 to guide patients through an interactive therapy session, from wherever they are, at minimal marginal cost.

AI Care is a movement to provide the best healthcare in the world to every single person through the partnership between clinical experts and the power of AI.

To read Virgilio Bento’s article from The Next Web in 2018, outlining his vision for AI in healthcare, see here.

About Sword Health

Sword Health is on a mission to free 2 billion people from pain by pioneering the field of AI Care. Sword has developed the first platform to predict, prevent, and treat pain. Matching Sword's AI therapists with the expertise of clinical teams, the Sword platform makes high-quality care as accessible as running water. Delivering over 1.5 million AI sessions to members in 2023 and available to over 10,000 employers across three continents, Sword holds the majority of industry patents, a 70% win rate in competitive evaluations, and has raised over $300 million in funding from major venture firms, including Founders Fund, General Catalyst, and Khosla Ventures. Recently ranked as the 26th fastest-growing U.S. company on the Inc. 5000 list, Sword is redefining healthcare by saving clients millions while delivering unparalleled recovery from pain to its members. Visit for more information.

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