NYC Construction Safety Report: 2024 Release

June 1, 2024

NYC Construction Safety Report: 2024 Release


New York City has recently seen a decline in construction-related fatalities, hitting a nearly decade-low. However, this positive trend is countered by a concerning rise in worksite injuries, as reported by the Department of Buildings. This situation paints a nuanced picture of construction safety in NYC, revealing both strides forward and lingering hurdles.

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The Positive Trends

While fatalities have decreased, with (7) deaths recorded in 2023 compared to a high of (14) in 2019, the city has witnessed a consistent increase in construction-related injuries for the third consecutive year. This is despite a higher number of total inspections being conducted than ever before.

Stricter Liability with Labor Law 240

One key aspect of New York's construction safety framework is Labor Law 240, known as the "Scaffold Law." This law places strict liability on contractors and construction companies for injuries and accidents involving falls from ladders, heights, and scaffolds.

In this way, it absolves workers of comparative liability, making the company managing the jobsite completely liable for such incidents.

NYC Construction Activity

While compliance and worksite safety have improved, there are still too many instances where corners are cut and safety regulations are ignored, leading to tragic consequences.

That said, NYC construction activity has remained relatively stable, with initial demolition permits decreasing slightly by 7% compared to the previous year. Despite this decrease, the figure remains higher than in the (2) years prior.

Bulleted Findings

  • (7) construction workers died in building construction-related incidents in 2023, marking a decrease from the previous year and the lowest number of fatalities in nearly a decade.
  • Worker falls continue to be the primary cause of fatalities and serious injuries on construction sites.
  • Worker injuries on building construction worksites have increased for the third consecutive year, rising by 25% compared to 2022.
  • Investigations have revealed an increase in incidents where no safety violations are found, indicating potential gaps in enforcement and reporting.
  • There has been a significant uptick in ladder falls, stair falls, and tripping incidents, suggesting a need for targeted safety measures in these areas.


And so, while the decline in fatalities is a positive step, the concurrent increase in worksite injuries underlines the necessity for sustained attention and enhancement of construction safety standards, particularly under the parameters of Labor Law 240.

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