Medical Stop Loss Insurance - A simple solution for smart health plan sponsors

March 23, 2023

It only takes a few critically ill members or dependents to strain your Taft-Hartley plan’s financial assets or, worse, deplete the entire health and welfare fund.

Medical stop loss insurance protection can help limit the impact of a potentially large financial liability. Stop loss insurance reimburses your health plan if claims exceed certain deductibles. This coverage provides an important layer of protection against large or unforeseen catastrophic claims that could threaten your fund or plan.

With 95 years of experience serving the union marketplace, The Union Labor Life Insurance Company is a carrier you can trust. Our expert underwriters and staff understand what it takes to protect Taft-Hartley plans. We offer broad coverage, quick policy installations and customer service that does not end once you have purchased coverage. When large claims do occur, we provide access to leading professionals in the medical cost containment industry, to help you manage plan costs through cost-effective care alternatives.

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